Monday, August 17, 2009


The yarn is a merino and bamboo mix that my friend Lia bought for me from Blue Ridge. It feels wonderful and is easy to knit with. Sadly, it had 3 knots in it's 400yd length.(only 86g)
I used Knit Pro 2mm circular needles, each sock on it's own. I used my Andersson Toe Up Construction Method.
I used the Andersson Heel Mach II (revised).

I took my Ebay sales to the Post Office. All packaged and stamped with online postage. Guess what? Some idiot ha snow decided that such parcels have to be weighed and put on the computer by the post office clerk. Thus defeating the object of online postage. No way I am I going to be doin two lots of work so I will be going back to taking them and letting them do all the waork.


The woman a couple of doors down ha slit a nice big bonfire in her garden. White smoke all over the place. I am coughing, my house and clothing stink. In the more civilised rest of Europe, this is illegal.


I went for my swim. I did half my usual, a splanned. The water was cold. It hurt. I have been much more sore since. When I got out of the pool I noted that my togs had a rather large split in them. I went and bought new ones.


I wa sgoing to see if I could compelte one whole sock form start to finish today but have foudn myself too busy! I said I was having rest days today and tomorrow so i could do this but I think there is no such thing as a rest day. On the days I say I do nothing, I do plenty!

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