Thursday, August 20, 2009

CASSIUS (ONLine Supersocke Butterfly)

This is colour 1156 from the new ONline Supersocke 'Butterfly' range. Aren't the colours good? I got the whole 8 colourways. I knitted these on Knit Pro 2.25mm circulars, using the Andersson Method and Andersson Heel Mach II. (Toe up). Worked over 70 sts and 252 rounds, not including heel. The pattern is simple : Round 1: k4, p1 Round 2, knit all. Repeat. As this is a 5 st repeat, you need a number divisible by 5. You start with K2, p1, k4, p1 etc till last three sts and p1 k2. Round 2 knit all, round 3 same as round 1 and so on.

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