Monday, August 31, 2009


This is Champion Polielin's Whitney with Tantra at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show on August 29th. She gained the RCC (her 5th) under Geoff Luscott. The following day, at The Lhasa Ap[so Club of Scotland's Championship Show she gained her 4th CC under Albert Wight (who has judged BIS at Cruft's.)

This is Whitney with the old fart that she lives with.
The scenery in Scotland was quite lovely, even if the weather wasn't. It was an enjoyable drive which took 6.5 hours each way. It was pretty cold and damp, especially at the SKC show, where my feet went numb with cold. Summer?
I enjoyed myself. Whitney did too and she did very well. The B&B I stayed in was nice and the owners friendly and chatty. They had a lovely Dalmation dog.

At some point in the morning, when I went of to the toilet, someone removed a support rod form my chair. It cannot fall out, it is 16" long and has to be pulled out. Fortunately for me, I use the dog show trolley for support as I sit, so I felt the seat give way as soon as my bum touched the seat and I did not fall injure myself. I and others tried to think of all sorts of ways this could have happened by accident and we couldn't come up with a plausible explanation other than sabotage. I'd like to think that whoever did it, did not really think it thru as this could have seriously injured my spine further. I would hate to have the feelings that caused this person to act as they did. As a result, I went to the supermarket later to buy salad and I found a suitable chair for just £6 and it takes up less room and you'd need hacksaw and too much time to nobble it!

I have come to realise that even 'friends' can be bitten by the green eyed monster. Sad but it is their loss. I make a good friend and they are hard to find.

The whole trip went much better than I expected. I plan to do the Scottish shows next year, as long as they judges are suitable. Given that by body allows it. It did this time. I was sensible though and I did drug up well and I also took the morphine with me. I used it but only 5mg each time (once per day with my other drugs.) One thing I have realised is the drugs only stop my body complaining too loudly at the time! It doesn't stop the after effects of what I do. By that I mean, the drugs may enable me to do things I wouldn't normally be able to do, but I still pay the piper when the drugs wear off and I get just as exhausted and sore. Oh, I slept well too! After the first night. I can't say my gut liked it very much. After much discomfort and effort, I eventually produced a cocktail sausage on Sunday.

I found a Toby's Carvery to eat at on Sunday night. Great food, just right for me. I had roast pork and loads of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and cabbage. This pleased me but only made my gut complain. However, by Monday morning the earth moved and I felt much better!
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