Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am not a happy bunny. In fact, I am a seriously disturbed bunny. This bunny is hopping mad. You get the picture?

At great expense, $43-80 for just 2 x 2mm 60cm circular needles I bought Kollage square needles. (The postage cost was outrageous-I know I send stuff to the USA all the time. I wanted the needles so I paid it. Not again.)

They arrived this morning and I could not wait to get my paws upon them. Oh they looked so enticing in their nice little pouch.

I was patient. This called for a special yarn and so I took out my only remaining ball (of two) of Tofutsies. I patiently wound it into two balls. plus side; each ball weight 53grams. Down side-a knot in the yarn. Not three like the last ball but I find knots in any number in 100gm balls unacceptable.

I didn't let it get in the way of the thrill I anticipated when knitting this up on my brand new ergonomically designed needles especially for those of us with crippled in one way or the hands. It says so right on the packet.

It also says cable will not Kurl, Kink, or Knot.


The very first thing the cable did was kink, curl and knot. And bend and twist. It is ridiculously thin. Far too thin. So scooting the stitches from the cable to the needle is a real PITH. (Pain In The Hands). So yes, I am pithed off. Seriously. This was a lot of money for rubbish. In order to get the stitches form the cable to the needle, one has to push the cable end of needle thru the first couple of stitches and STOP or the cable will kink, curl, knot. Then one has to PULL the cable form the other end and the needle will go back wards thru the stitches. Only then can one continue to knit. I have no faith that this constant having to pull on the cable will not break the cable.

This sort of idiocy really does annoy me. How did this get past the design stage? Did no one test them? If the cable was like the cable on Addi or Knit Picks of even on Hiya Hiya , none of which I have problems with, these would be excellent needles because the needle itself is very comfortable to use. i cannot say I see any difference in the stitches but I don't care about that. i bought them expecting them to be helpful and they are not. They are dreadful. Only because someone didn't say 'hang on, I'd better knit with these first and see how that cable holds up'. I am sure they couldn't have done so. If they did, then well, .......I'll leave that thought where it is.

my fiend Lia bought the Kollage square dpn's and she is happy with them and that doesn't surprise me. they haven't got that ridiculous cable attached to them. The cable, btw, is about as thick as cobweb weight yarn! I think the designer must have been thicker.....
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