Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I really like this colourway. It is by Schoppel Wolle, from their Admiral Flake range, colour number 2013. It is 75% virgin wool and 25% nylon. The ball band says it is 420m per 100gm but I think there is less than that. This is the second ball I have used and they both came up short in the sock. The first pair, Nelson, I knitted on 2mm and they were shorter than these. This pair I knittedon 2.25mm and they are still shorter than my noraml socks. Put it this way, 117 rounds to heel, turn heel, 80 rounds in pattern and then 16 rounds in rib. Normally I can expect 100 rounds of pattern and 30 rounds of rib out of a sock yarn that is 420m per 100gm. Sp something is not correct here. This yarn does feel thicker than usual. Still, I really like them and the length is not so short as to irritate me.
I used my Andersson Toe Up Method and the Andersson Heel Mach II (revised). This yarn is a very good reason for toe up! Had I been knitting top down, I would have run out before I finished as this yarn comes up so short.
No one has ever asked how I come upo with the names for my socks. I use word association.

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