Sunday, August 02, 2009


Well, I finally finished them. Phew! I knitted them with a 75% wool 25% nylon yarn from THE WOOLHUNTER. I knitted them on Hiya Hiya 1.75mm needles. Mainly because I wanted the yarn to do something more interesting with it's beautiful colours. This is the best I could do. The grey swirls around and around but the black and orange still stripe! Due to the smaller gauge, these socks are shorter than I like. However, I am pleased with them overall. I like the pattern I used and will be using it to better effect, I think, on John's plain blue socks. I have named them after The assassinated San Francisco supervisor, Harvey Milk, who, like the pattern, did not take the easy, straight pathway and paid with his life but by so doing laid the path for others in the battle for freedom.
I knitted them using my toe up Andersson method with the Andersson heel Mach II (improved version.)
This is the pattern. Simple to do. I changed from 2x2 to 4x4 every 10 rows, but alternating where the 4 x4 lay.
EDIT: the pattern is only on the instep and front of leg. teh rear of leg is plain 2x2 rib. I used travelling sts to create the pattern, no increasing or decreasing. So, for example, after the first 9 tows of 2x2 ribbing, on the 10th round I purl one, hold next purl at back, knti 2, purl the held stitch, p2 and hold next 2 sts to front, purl 1 and then knit 2 held at front. As you do dit, it will become obvious how you do it. then I knti a further 9 rounds afetr this one and on the 10round, I travel back to 2x2. Now the importnat bit is that wehn you are ready to travel back to 4x4 you do not do the same as for the first swtich to 4x4. Instead you p2, hold 2 to front, p1, knit 2, hold p st at back, knti 2, p the held stich, p2, hold 2 to front, p1, knit the 2 held. I have written this as I try to picture in my mind what I did so this is not foolproof. However, if you DO IT, it will become clear.

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