Friday, July 31, 2009

Morons From Earth

We went to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince yesterday at the cinema. Not something I do very often and probably won't again.

The reason for going is the enjoyment of the film on the large screen with surround sound. However, my physical problems make it a miserable experience. I took painkillers but that doesn't cover it 100% and I still have to move constantly and I feel self concious about that. Apart form feeling self conscious, it just bloody hurts to move and I have to move because I am hurting! At the end of the film I couldn't even get up on my own and it as areal struggle even with John helping me to my feet. As you can probably understand form my words, cinema going is now off the menu.

I could manage it and keep still if I took a morphine and a 5mg valium. That does it for me at home on the infrequent occasions I need it. Then I can lean back in the recliner and watch a film, usually a subtitled one. However, our nearest cinema is 24 miles away and I don't think it would be wise for me to drive there or back under the influence.

It would have been more comfortable to have used Daniel and sat in him for the duration of this film. Except for one thing. The special place for wheelchairs is 4 rows from the screen. That would just have made matters worse for me, especially in the neck. I guess they think that those of us who use wheelchairs are too addled to care and probably just sit there drooling and groaning and so it doesn't matter we can't see the f*cking screen too well.

Whitney has received many cards and I am surprised at some of the senders. Pleasantly surprised. I have also been disappointment to see where the jealousy comes from. It really is sad that others feels this way.

I have felt envious, but not jealous I think. Meaning I have wanted what I have seen others gaining and have done what I could to get it for myself if it was feasible. However, I have not wanted to take what belongs to others nor devalue them or their success. Speaking purely about dog showing, most success is deserved. A small part of the success is not deserved and we all learn to accept that because we can't do anything about it. We can choose not to enter under judges we know to favour friends. We can also choose NOT to play that game. Not all of us make the wise choice.

I know that Whitney has won on her own merit, not because I am judging a world famous show soon, not because I am friends with the judge, not because I am judging the next show, not because of anything. I cannot scratch anyone's back so Whitney wins because of her merit. End of story. I am happy for that.

I was supposed to be doing a show on Sunday and then on Wednesday and then on Saturday. However, an error was made somewhere and the show e thought was Wednesday is in fact Tuesday, and as it is 250 miles from home, it becomes infeasible to do the Sunday show and the Tuesday show. So I am going to the Tuesday show and then the Saturday show.

Edna has settled in very well though she is not as accommodating as she was when she first arrived. True to her breed, she is a stubborn little madam. She is arguing about when and where she will eat. She will not win and has not figured that little piece of information out yet. She will. In time.

I bought a waistcoat off an Ebay seller. 10 days later they told me they did not have it in stock. I was most displeased. I found another seller and I wrote to them asking if they had it in stock. They assured me they did. They took a week to tell me they did not and a further week to refund me. At the beginning of this week, I wrote to another seller who not only assured me they had it, they also had it in my size. They did not. They refunded me today. What the f**k is it with these idiots? Why are they listing an item that is not in stock, for one, and for two, why the hell are they lying about it? They know they will get caught out. MORONS.

Oh and speaking of morons-Haagen Dazs (or is it Hagen Daazs, doesn't look right) wrote and told me they did not do coffee flaour cos there was no call for it, despite the flavour being widely available on the mainland (ie. in the rest of EU). Okay, so how come Tesco and Waitrose both do their own coffee icecream? Waitrose indeed do two different ones. For a supermarket to sell their OWN LABEL there must be some call for it. No?
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