Monday, July 20, 2009


Edit: I was asked how I manage to run with the dogs when I am showing them. Answer: I don't run! The Lhasa Apso is not a running dog. It moves with economy as befitting it's natural very high altitude habitat. Some idiots do run when they show them, but they don't understand the breed and are trying,usually, to hide a fault.

At yesterday's Lhasa Apso Club Open Show where Whitney went reserve Best Bitch. Whitney is a funny dog. Quite vain. When she did her lap of hounour and the people were clapping, she was ahead of me, head up, nose in the air, looking at the people clapping and really strutting her stuff. She knew precisely what the clapping was for. Dogs are much more aware than we tend to think they are.

I am wearing the jacket from Salzburg, Austria, the neck ornament from Vienna, the hat from Budapest, the waistcoat from Munich, The Kicker's from France, the trousers from Marks and Spencer (online).

This is Tantra's Carly at her first show. She was 4th. I have not booked her into any other shows just yet. She is rather raw but this photograph shows she has a really nice shape. She loved the day out and enjoyed herself tremendously. She is a right wiggle bum and even jumped up to lick the judges face.

Today has been a particularly bad pain day. No idea why. Just is. I took a morphine and am feeling much better, though surprisingly even the morphine doesn't kill the pain dead. It's still there, just less obvious.

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