Friday, July 03, 2009


Well, the woman who I was having the difficulty with didn't respond to Ebay nor did she pay up, so Ebay asked me to act which I did by closing the case, getting my fees back and they receiving 3 unpaid item strikes. Weird choice. I will not be surprised if I receive negative feedback now. If I do, I cannot do likewise because sellers have effectively been castrated by Ebay. We are not able to leave anything other than positive feedback, which is ludicrous.

It is very humid today and we have had two periods of very heavy rain so far. Reminds me of the Monsoon in Singapore when I was a boy. Still no sunshine though.

Whitney is ready and so are James and Bridget. It is their first show. I am not sure about taking them as I don't feel entirely confident as to their readiness. I guess I'll know what to do when I awake at 3am to go.

I felt much better today and I swam my usual laps. It made all the difference getting a good sleep last night. I forget how much disturbed sleep does me in. Trouble is, it's the nature of the beast that it disturbs my sleep. At least I don't often have night terrors now and when I do, I don't freak cos I understand the cause and it soon passes.

Does anyone really believe that some God in the sky made this planet (and presumably the universe) and us in 7 days? Does anyone really believe there was nothing and then suddenly that nothing BANGED and, Bob's your uncle, here we are? Does anyone truly believe that when we are dead we are dead. End of. Fini. Finito. Non existent? Does anyone truly believe that when we die we only appear to die and we in fact continue to exist elsewhere?

These things puzzle me. They are all impossible to believe. I am sure the answer is out there and if I find it, and understand it, by tea time, I shall let you all know.

Oh, please don't take this this as carte blanch for all you religionists and scientists to bombard me with the answer. I have heard all of them and still find it bollocks.
How can anyone believe that one will enter Hell for wearing polycotton? (polyester trousers, yes, str8 to Hell.)I was amusing myself earlier, yes AMUSING myself, pay attention, by the thought that people like Bush and other fundies can stand there with a str8 face and say they believe the bible literally. Really how can anyone other than a 3 year old believe that a man lived inside a whale? How can anyone other than a seriously deranged perv believe that we all descend from a man and woman who only gave birth to two sons? GOD HATES POLYCOTTON!! Get your placards out. The world needs to know and be saved from this abominable sin. I shudder at the committing of this grave sin. (The other one makes me shudder too but for entirely different reasons.....)

Lets look at the sensible side of this. The LOGICAL side of this. The no brainer, that anyone with half a brain cell knows is true. There was NOTHING. At least that is what I was always told in Science. Now we know that isn't true because there was HYDROGEN. So, okay there wasn't nothing, there was this thing we call hydrogen. Well, there was a Big Bang ( Eve with IBS when she ate the damn apple), and the hydrogen produced some helium and here I am with a squeaky voice. Simple right? No need to invent a God to have started it all. Why, that only presents a whole other conundrum, does it not? HOW did God get there? WHAT or WHO caused God? A greater God? Are we all children of a lesser God after all?

Oh, but hang on a minute. If presenting the idea of God as explanation only confuses the issue because that God would have to have had a cause, then why cannot the same be said of the idea that there was NOTHING and then NOTHING became HYDROGEN which BANGED. WHAT CAUSED THE F'ING BANG?(oh we don't know, say the scientists, we just know it wasn't God....)

See? Same conundrum.

They are ALL talking bollocks. DAWKINS, THE POPE, MR GRAHAM, EINSTEIN. NONE of them KNOW and neither do you! OOOH er Mrs. How about that. Imagine not knowing the answer. Scary isn't it? So we come up with something, anything it seems, call it the TRUTH and condemn those who don't toe the line. We could base our whole world structure on it. Indeed we could. We could even wonder why there is so much pain and suffering. Oh why oh why will people just not believe? If they did, the pain and suffering would stop. Only if you believe what I say of course. If you don't, well you get what you deserve, not just here but for eternity. After all, we can't let anyone think that death is the end of fear can we? Oh no. Death is when you really get what's coming to you for having the audacity to disbelieve me.

Well, enough of ranting for one day. Craziness is so tiring. I am off to commit another some shell fish, or maybe some dead pig. (Yes I know just what you were thinking.)

In the end, I just hope I am not presented with 70 virgins when I die. Heaven help me.
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