Tuesday, July 07, 2009



Twenty eight years ago today, John and I met. It was also a Tuesday. We have not been apart since. It was one of those 'our eyes met across a crowded room' things, a real case of love at first sight. It must have been because twenty eight years later, we are still in love.


To be passed by the Kennel Club to award the highest award available, the Challenge Certificate, is an honour. In so doing , one is being given the responsibility of choosing the dogs that are the closest fit to the Breed Standard and therefore also choosing those dogs one believes to be the best specimens to be used to produce the next generation.

To judge to any other criteria is an insult to oneself, those who have entered and most importantly to the breed. For a judge to give the high awards to friends, to lame dogs, and to judge according to the owner, shows a lack of respect for themselves, for the exhibitors and worst of all, for the breed.

They ought not to be judging. Their placings are worthless and those who won the highest awards are left knowing their dog did not win on merit.


I feel like I have run out of spoons already. I don't feel so hot today. I didn't the latter half of yesterday either. Sort of like I am coming down with something. I have felt this before and it amounted to nothing so hopefully this is not heralding a cold of flu.


My destashing is going well. Have more stuff up and still putting new stuff up regularly. Still can't see a dent in my stash yet! Click HERE.
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