Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great News - Not So Great news


Whitney is now CHAMPION POLIELIN'S WHITNEY WITH TANTRA J.W. She gained her crown at Leeds on Friday. She also took Best of Breed and went on to Utility Group 3. 101 Lhasa Apso entered. Whitney gained her title with the required 3 cc's, each with Best Of Breed. She is just 20 months old. Whitney has done remarkably well for a black Apso and for one so young. The 1 G3 and 2 G4 placings are even more impressive for her.

I am so grateful that my friend Linda allowed me to have my choice of puppy. I was apprehensive in choosing a black. I am glad I went with my gut.

EDIT: I don't care what colour the Apso comes in. I just care if they are healthy and fit the standard. Unfortunately, many people think golden is the only colour that looks glamorous and the only colour they like. I don't call these people serious breeders of Lhasa Apso but exhibitors of show dogs. There is a big difference between the two. The latter are the reason why a breed changes from what it ought to be into an exaggerated show machine. Of course there are judges who look for 'show dog' too, rather than a good Lhasa Apso. So yes, doing so well with a black Apso is remarkable. She is not the only one though. A few years back another black bitch, Ch Deelayne Indulgence, did very very well, gaining many top wins.


We are not going away. The weather is atrocious. It is blowing a storm as I write and more and worse is forecast. Edinburgh wet and cold would not be fun so we cancelled.
This summer, I am surprised to writing, is as bad as last year's.

Today, instead of delivering dogs to their holiday home, we went to a shopping mall instead. I found what I wanted and will post pics later.
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