Sunday, July 19, 2009


These are the lace socks I knitted for my friend Judy, who is 65 0n Wednesday. I have known Judy the longest I have known anyone, since 1979.
The socks are made from a Regia yarn. I used 2mm Knit Pro needles(knit Picks), circular, each on their own needle, knitted simultaneously. I used the EZ sewn cast off as usual. They are knitted toe up using my own Andersson method and MACH II heel.
The lace pattern I initially got from the net, somewhere, but by the time I had faffed and fiddled and fitted it to my stitch count morphed into my own. These are by far the most difficult item I have knitted, ever. I frogged many times. I kept making errors. I kept ending up with less stitches or more stitches, usually less, because I forgot the yo's. I am pleased with them now though.

I am now fairly confident that a shawl is out of the question. I also think that pain/drugs is why I just couldn't get this to flow. Maybe it's just that I am 50! Though that last one seems unlikely. I know my memory is crap. Yet I can still knit to aran patterns and sock patterns other than lace, just from my head. I can pick up knitting I left weeks ago and still know where I am and how to proceed. Yet this pigging lace almost defeated me.

I am glad lace shocks don't suit me or John!

(Oh and I took one of the photgraphs with the scanner because although I used my foot for the model, the socks are too small for me.)

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