Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had a doctors appointment this morning. As is my wont, I sat in the waiting room knitting my sock.
The last time I did this, a small group of more mature people, women mainly, started to talk with me about what I was doing. They were uniformly impressed.

This morning two young women sat opposite me and they started to talk about what I was doing. They could be clearly heard but obviously thought I was of an age that I would surely be deaf so they didn't moderate either their volume or their words. They discussed what I could possibly be knitting. Giggly. Neither guessed it was a sock. They decided in the end that I was knitting a Willy Warmer.

I said nothing until I was called for my appointment. At that time, I looked at the two young women and said;

'If you think that is a Willy Warmer, you are going to be very disappointed in life, but I do thank you for the compliment.'

I then hobbled off to see the Doc.
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