Wednesday, July 01, 2009


They are finally done!!! The yarn is Schafer's 'ANNE'. 60% Merino, 25% Mohair and 15% nylon. I knitted these using 1.5mm Hiya Hiya Circular, magic loop, one sock on each needle, knitted simultaneously. This is the longest a pair of socks have ever taken me, about a month because I kept putting them down to do some others. They hurt my hands! I am thinking I will not use 1.5mm again. These could have been knitted on 1.75mm after all but that didn't become apparent until I was well into the foot. The pattern is a plain old garter rib. I knitted them toe up using my Andersson Method and Andersson heel Mach II.
I am very pleased that I finished them. I really like the yarn mix. Wool and Mohair is a favourite of mine.

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