Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When I am riding on Daniel, anyone I touch or anything I touch gets an electric shock from me to it / them. Quite shocking.
My dear puppies just ate my Motorola EM330!!!! It somehow fell off the shelf. I first of all saw a bit of sticky paper with the M motif on it. Then I saw a flat battery. Meaning it was flat shaped. I thought to myself, 'this looks like a mobile battery'. Then I saw the back of of mobile on the carpet. I went into to the garden to hunt for the rest of my mobile, hoping that the puppies had not literally eaten it. I eventually found the rest in one of the cages. The chip was intact and is no in my old phone until the new EM 330 arrives. I love this phone and it is hard to get. The reason being is that my fingers can text on it and punch out a number without pressing 3 at a time! (BTW the puppies were 6mths old yesterday.)
It is 30c here and I am tired though not too sore. I had a nap. I had a dream. One of THOSE dreams. It starred me and ......John!!!!!!!!!! Next week it is our 28th anniversary, on the 7th. And I had one of THOSE dreams about him.......
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