Monday, June 29, 2009


It was already 25c at 10am this morning. That would be 77f. It is muggy at night which is not so nice. The heat definitely makes me feel better. Despite not being able to walk for most of Saturday, I am now just taking the Naproxen and giving the Tramadol or Morphine a rest. It seems to be okay so far although it is only this morning I have not taken it! ;-) the only thing I don't like about the Naproxen is having to eat before king it. That means having to eat something when I wake up which I hate to do.

I still have not received either payment or communication from the Ebay non payer. To be frank, I'd rather she didn't. I'd rather re-list the yarn. I cannot understand people like her. After her first bid, it took several days before she wrote asking if she could pay when the second auction ended so i could combine postage. I wrote back agreeing but pointing out that the polite thing to have done would have been to ask me BEFORE the first auction had ended. Nothing more came from here. The second auction came and went and still now rod from her. I sent an invoice and still nothing. I sent a second one asking that it be paid immediately. Nothing. So after seven days I started a non payment dispute. Still nothing from her. Then a third auction ended and she has the cheek to have bid on and won an item. She proceed to send me a message saying how shocked she was at my treatment of her and then had the audacity to tell me how much postage she was going to pay!!!! What is worse, her calculations were out completely because she didn't take into account to weight of the cone (did she think I would say the yarn weighed such and such and include the cone?) or the weight of packaging. I responded and still I have not heard from her.

Yes, I know I mentioned this already in another post. I am pissed off by this poor attitude. It is so unnecessary. I hate people trying to get one over me which is clearly what this woman is trying to do. Still, she is on my banned bidders list now.

Oh, and as I said before, I do not set the postage costs, the Royal Mail do. Not only that, I lose on it anyway cos PayPal take a cut of every payment. So when an item goes for just .99p it costs ME money to send it out!

Other than that, though, this is rather fun experience. I enjoy packing and sending the yarn to it's new home.

I might put some stuff up on Etsy and Folksy at fixed prices and see what happens.
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