Monday, June 15, 2009


Last night's talk and demonstration went very well. The audience were with me during the talk and when it came to the demonstration part, the evidence came thru to the point and clearly. Evidence of survival clearly given.

I have certainly grown. I had a heckler last night. i ignored him and just continued with the demonstration. When the service was finished, I was told he was another 'worker'. Clearly he didn't feel he was very good so needed to try and destroy what I was doing. I didn't let him. I feel proud of that.

People being people, there is this sort of thing goes on amongst spiritual workers. Even vicars and priests have the same crap over who gives the best sermons. It's all phooey and embarrassing. It would not occur to me to make this about me and be competitive. How daft.

I was able to do last night's work without suffering, though I did lose my balance briefly, because I drugged up. I would have thought that was the end of it. No it isn't. I feel it this morning. It would seem that whilst the drugs allow me to do, it doesn't stop the toll on my body to be felt later. So no swimming today. In fact nothing today. A lazy day knitting in front of the box.

PS: previous post; yes of course I know the other meaning for my title. Why'd you think I chose it? Gosh, don't you people know me by now? ;-)
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