Monday, June 22, 2009


For American readers or other people not British, Knackered is the word posh people, like the Queen, use to describe a state of tiredness.

Yes, I am knackered. I have come to realise that I cannot be putting up yarn on Ebay every day. So my initial estimate of it taking about two years to sell my stash is now being revised to three.

I have put up more tonight on EBAY (click on link). There is some lovely Todd and Duncan yarns; lambswool and merino/cashmere.

When I got back from swimming this morning I began to weigh and pack. By the time I had finished and sent off it was mid afternoon! I went to bed and when I got up again, bathed Luque and ate and then put more yarn up. Phew.

I am already finding I have some rude customers. Those who don't pay in a timely manner.I fnd it really annoying. So now I have had to add a 'please pay within seven days' on my listings. ALSO I have discovered that sellers only have the option of leaving positive feedback for a buyer whilst they can leave positive, neutral or negative! In other words they have us by the balls which is most unfair. Already I have buyers who have had not had the decency to leave feedback, even one or two who have written to say how happy they are privately! My only option is that I do not leave feedback until they do.

People also seem to think that I decide how much postage is!!! I don't. Royal Mail do. How can one blame the seller for the charges made by someone else?

Anyway, so far all the yarn I have auctioned has gone so that is a good thing. One cannot see any benefit within my home yet but that will take time. I told you I have a HUGE stash, more than many shops. John was getting worried about upstairs floors caving in.

Then of course there are 16 or so machines.....
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