Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is another picture of me and Whitney taken at the show. Gordon leaver took the picture using his camera. He also took the previous picture but with my camera.

It has been an odd week. I have been very short tempered and feeling a little low. Maybe the crap weather? Hot, humid, windy, cold and wet and dull. Yes, it is that each day!

I discovered today that dressing up cheers me up. I was trying on various combinations for Friday's show and soon realised how much better I felt, especially once I had settled on the combination.

Yesterday I watched Amazing Grace. I was incredibly moved by it and once again was wet faced without warning. Life was truly awful back then, 200 years ago. For Mr Wilberforce and the others to do what they did took tremendous courage. I have always liked this hymn and had no idea of it's origin until seeing this film.

Today, I watched Michael Clayton. I almost gave up on it but then it seemed to click in my head what it was about and I stayed with it. Great performances but I think it could have been better served if the story had been told in a more straightforward instead of the poncy artsy way it was.

We are supposed do be visitng edinburgh next week but not if the weather does not improve. Antyhing but wet will do. Wet and we won't be going. No point. I hope it does work out as we are both wanting to go.

For the back to back shows during the last weekend in august, I am staying with Whitney at a farm bed and breakfast. The Scottish Kennel Club show is on the Saturday and the Scottish Lhasa Apso Club on the Sunday. John will stay here to dog sit.

August is a ridiculously busy month for shows, with six championship shows within the month, 3 in one week with just two days between each of them, Sun, Wed, and Saturday. If it kills me, I'll let you know somehow.

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