Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Judy has telephoned to say she loved her card (above) and also the lace socks. She seems really impressed by the socks and she has never owned or seen hand made socks. Now she would like a pair of those see thru wellies but I have no idea where they can be bought. Anyone?

I have also had an email from a friend who emigrated to Nepal to live in a house on top of a mountain. She is no spring chicken, about 60 I think, and really quite one of the bravest people I know. She has taken her Lhasa Apso, 3 of them, with her. This is her house:And this is where it is:Aren't you impressed? I am. It makes me throat constrict for reasons I am not sure of. I know that since childhood I have had a thing about this area of the world and have a strange connection with my dogs which are form this part of the world. When I first set eyes upon the Lhasa Apso, a shaggy dog in a photograph, I knew I had to have them. I was 12 and at 50 I still passionate about them. I shall never see (I almost wrote 'my homeland') Tibet, Nepal or the Himalayas in this life.

My swim went well. I am about to go to bed now. I have watched a film with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton called The Painted Veil which is a Somerset Maugham story. I had started to watch Amazing Grace but am too tired. I had no idea this favourite hymn was written by a reformed slave trader about his seeing how wrong his trade was.
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