Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh Poo!

Sock Yarn Seller

I came across some good looking hand dyed sock yarn on Ebay. I wrote to the seller to ask a question and did not receive a reply so 5 days later I sent another. Still no reply. I then looked at her feedback and it has been good. However, she has not left any feedback for anyone for almost 3 months. Yet she is currently selling and people are currently buying.Further research found her blog which is up to date.

Perhaps she would sell more of her lovely looking yarn if she had respect for her customers? Unanswered email is bad enough but not leaving feedback on Ebay, which is feedback reliant, is not on. I don't deal with people who don't leave feedback. It leaves a sour taste in one's mouth.


Weird condition this. My gut has been fine all week. No grumbling, no wind, and no having to go for 3 days. Today I have been 5 times in 5 hours. No, I have not got the runs. It's all perfectly formed, works of art actually. Just makes it a bit awkward if one wants to go out as the need to go is quite sudden. I thought I needed to late last night but it wasn't to be. I have made up for it today.

IBS also makes farting quite deadly. My dogs move away disgusted so that gives you the idea. I daren't drop one in public in case anyone should it is terrorist attack.

Just thought you'd like to know that.

Poo Story

My friend Ron is deaf. He wears hearing aids. He also had a huge brain tumour, which was removed. The tumour not his brain. (Shut up , Dawn). (Dawn is his wife who you have seen mentioned here before.) Anyway, Ron flew back from Oz and had to switch his aids off. He didn't put them back on. On the train on the way home, he found that no one sat near him and if they did they didn't sit for very long. It turns out he was continually farting. Not only could he not hear them cos his hearing aids were off, but he couldn't smell them either cos of the tumour.I fell about when Dawn told me this story.

Poo Story 2

This I heard on GMTV a long while ago now. A woman is at a wedding, a very posh do. She goes to the loo and she when she flushes, the poo stayed put. She'd done a floater. So she waited and flushed again. Nope, still there. Well, there was a queue as always for the loo so she got some loo paper, picked up the offending floating turd and threw it out of the window. All was well until she went downstairs to the reception which was being held in a huge glass topped marquee thing which was situated right under that bathroom window. It kills me just writing this. I am LOL'ing as I write. I can imagine this happening, and the embarrassment of it. Hilarious.

Two Days

It has been two days in a row that I have not gone to the pool. I realised that I had plenty to do today with the dogs and stuff and if I swam first, I'd be too knackered. Other than the stuff I must take for my BP and heart, I have not taken any pills. I don't feel 100% comfortable with not going to the pool. I think it will take a while to get used to being sensible with my body. Just had a thought: imagine the IBS acting up in the pool? Turbo charged swimming? Wind propelled?

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