Friday, February 20, 2009


I have a service to take on the 15th of March. This is a new church so I called the medium's secretary just to check that I had the details correct in my book. A man answered the phone and I asked to speak to ******* please. His rely was 'no you can't, she died.' I was very tempted to reply 'I could give it a go' but I resisted.

I have broken my no sock yarn buying fast. Not bad. It's been six months since I last bought any. I have bought about 12 hanks.

There are also two new pairs of DM's on their way in Scarlet and Royal Blue.


It might well be an event to be remembered this year. First of all the BBC are not filming it for the first t time in 40 years. Too long a story to go into but it seems the animal rights liars are behind it all. They, the animal rights lot, are planning a demonstration of some sort too.

I may not be going but for entirely different reasons. It looks as if Whitney is coming into season and this means she will be ripe on the day of Cruft's which will make it somewhat difficult a sit may well affect her behaviour and will surely affect Micah's behaviour also. Time will tell. I'll decide the day before.

Anyone who treats people with such malice in the name of compassion for animals is a liar and is acting out from a far more personal agenda. They be far better off dealing with their inner turmoil instead of acting out in this way. Compassion, I think, is fake if it does not encompass all.

They display a certain ignorance about dogs, abotu pure bred dogs, and about breeding practices. They clearly don't know about how nature handles breeding, how packs of animals in the wild are all closely related etc.

Their ultimate aim is to ban all companion animals: that is no cats, dogs, or any form of pet. They also want us all to be vegan.(The vociferous anti Atkins Diet commenter were so called animal rights activists. I assume they would prefer I die than eat the diet I must in order to live and live well) The mind set of these people is no different to the mind set of all other fundamentalists. They want to control us.

That is not to say that their is cruelty heaped upon animals, of coruse there is, and some of it by so called dog lovers who also breed and show. We need to stop it. Tarring us all with the same brush will not work.

The RSPCA need to stick to dealing with this, cruelty and rescue. I stopped donating to them many years ago when they wasted millions on a campaign to have the dog licence, which most of us did not have, retained! A dog licence will not mean the owner is fit to care for a dog and is a waste of money. The RSPCA need to stay of politics and do what it's remit was originally about-stop cruelty to animal NOT wage a war against people such as myself. I was sent a missive from a 'concerned' twat,(who was bewildered that I was not charmingly grateful to her) written by Dr Jane Goodall regarding the horrors of pedigree dogs. Considering that woman is a scientist, I was horrified to read this article and all it's errors re pedigree dogs, and most especially because under my breed, the Lhasa Apso, she couldn't even get the correct photograph of the breed, instead using another breed's picture!

FEAR is really gaining a foothold in our world. I do believe it is this fear that is behind the modern day obsession people have with wanting to control every aspect of the lives of others. (note: not theirs, yours and mine, because they of course know better. they are right and wouldn't even consider that they were not.) I tell you, the trouble in this world is caused by those who believe they are absolutely correct in their judgement and because of this belief in their own infallibility it is very very difficult to stand up to them and show them their fallibility. It is like bashing one's head against a brick wall. But fight them we must. There is too much darkness already in this world and if we allow the self righteous to hold sway, we will be swamped. Nothing will grow in the dark and we all wither and die.


My swim went very well. I think I am going to cut back to Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and see how that goes.
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