Friday, February 06, 2009

God Save Us

From this type of Xtian!

Try this one too.

And this one really shows the darkness in her. The next one is shocking to me and I am stunned that people really think like this and think they are holier than thou! Her thinking is no different to The Taliban and every other evil fascist fundy on the planet, whether they call themselves Xtian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu or by another name. These people are those who leech the light right out of this world.

This is the type of person who used to watch and cheer when non believers and other sinners were burned alive. Now they just smile in the way that does not light up the eyes.

And this belief is a modern invention.

Isn't self righteousness a sin?
(Tho I think her self-righteousness is the least of her to be concerned about.)
How about this quote? May it encourage and inspire you to be thankful for the many (undeserved) blessings you enjoy today!

This poor woman must have suffered greatly and be truly fearful to have allowed her heart to darken so
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