Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't know what else to say really. My GP offered me morphine for the night pain. I really am not sleeping well due to it. I have discovered that sleep really is very important and to go without good sleep makes me much worse and crabby to boot.

I declined the offer. I am worried about the affect it may have other than the pain killing properties. Apart from that, I am just not ready for the next stage yet. I can deal with this with help though I am not ready for morphine help.

So I agreed to try a long acting Tramadol instead. I know this drug is good for me. I don't have side effects from it and it works. So tonight I will take a 100 mg dose of the long acting one which hopefully will last thru the night and also mean I will not have to take anything when I wake up other than the pills for my gut, heart and blood.

I just hope it works. I also discovered that the main reason for avoiding new hips now is because they only have to do them again after 10 years so they prefer to wait until I am in my 60's. Assuming I need them. Besides, I'd really rather not have anything like that done. At all. Ever.

Despite what posts like this suggest, I am not an aged cripple to look at but more like a Hollywood heartthrob who can't be bothered to walk unaided as I am so spoiled by fame and riches. Those who have seen me, know this is so. Those who haven't, think George Clooney sitting down......
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