Sunday, February 08, 2009


I know two women who are ordained Anglican vicars. One of them bought a dog off me and the other one helped me through my period of grief.

Why am I telling you this? Well, quite simply because some people, judging from the spiteful mail I have had, seem to think I am an atheist and anti Xtian. I am neither. I am anti cruel ignorant fundamentalism of any persuasion. Why do I mostly have a pop at the fundy Xtians? Apart from it being deliciously enjoyable, there are just so many of them and they make it so easy! The net is full of them and the knitting lists seem to be populated by millions of them.

C. and B. are what I call truly spiritual people. They are not vicars because their aim is to save their skin. Far from it. They are vicars because they CARE about you and me and they believe that thru their ordination as vicars, they are best placed to serve mankind. Okay, so I don't share the same belief system but so what? Their aim is the same as mine. Their base reason is the same as mine. In other words, they do what they do for selfless reasons, not in order to curry favour with a feared God. I do what I do for the same reasons, though I write certain things on my blog just cos I like to stir the pot and even so, I never write what I don't believe.

Besides, with so much darkness spewing forth out there it can but help to bring even the tiniest bit of light relief.
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