Saturday, February 21, 2009


I spent quite some time last evening looking up sock yarns on the 'net. I found some beautiful yarns. unfortunately the vast majority of them were not at all suitable.

There were some, lots actually, that were pure yarns; merino, alpaca, cashmere. Totally useless for socks you want to last more than five minutes.

There were others that had a good synthetic mixed in for durability but the majority of them came up short! How daft is that? Most were 300m or less per 100gm and they cost a fair bit, like £15. I'd have to buy two hanks to get a pair of socks and my feet are only a UK size 7.5 = 10" long and I knit 8" around. I hate ankle socks but my legs not knitted overly long. At a rpi of 12-13 I knit 120 rounds for foot and the same for leg and this using my own Andersson Method which uses less yarn than a traditional top down heel flap.

Just because it's a single hank of a hand dyed yarn does not make it a sock yarn!
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