Friday, February 27, 2009



I am soon to pick John up from the station. He will have a surprise as we will not be going to the supermarket. We usually do and we get home at about 8.30pm and then it is an hour later before he eats. I got my neighbour's son, Michael, to go with me last night. I did a big shop.


James is taking after his grandfather who tried to mate Tilly the Dachshund when she was in season and he was just 6 week old. James is 8.5 weeks and has been trying to mate Whitney!
The litter is booked in to have their first vaccinations on Sunday morning.


I have done some knitting, some washing of my clothes. Almost done with sleeve number one on my garter carriage sweater. Will probably sew it in tonight as well. Am feeling physically better than this morning. Will probably go swimming tomorrow. I have been wondering if it would be better to cut the swimming down to half an hour and do it daily or stick with what seems to be the new routine and do my usual hour and just every other day?

I had a pork chop, lambs kidney, lambs liver and steamed sprouts for dinner. I had a chicken salad for lunch. I have this titanium frying pan which requires little or no oil in it to cook well.


I watched 27 Dresses this week. I quite liked it. I am partial to RomComs. The woman who starred in it is her out of Grey's Anatomy. Very pretty she is too.

I also saw The MIST, directed by the guy who did The Shawshank Redemption. This too was a Stephen King story. It had an awful ending, wish I hadn't watched it.

Another Gay Movie- very rude, silly and a waste of time.


I have fallen for those beautiful jackets that Asian men wear as part of a Jodhpuri suit. I am going to see if I can get a jacket only from an Asian men's shop in Peterborough or London. You can see one here: Jacket.
I only like the Nehru collared ones.
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