Friday, February 06, 2009


I used 2/28's, twofold, of Mongolian Cashmere. This works out at approximately 700m per 100 gram, Laceweight. I used a Silver Reed 830 to make it. The tension dial was number 5 (2 and 2 for ribbing). The gauge I got was 38.5 sts and 61rws per 10cm (4ins) or 9.6 spi and 15.25 rpi.

This is photographed straight out of the tumble dryer. It has been washed in washing soda first to get the oil out. A 40c wash that took 48 mins. I then washed it in a liquid wash delicates on a 30c wash for 42 mins. It was then tumble dried for an hour. I then washed it again, and tumbled it for 30 minutes which is how long it took to dry completely. (All three wash cycles include a 1200 rpm spin for a few minutes.) This sweater can now be washed and tumbled forever with no further shrinking. I tend not to tumble any more though, just machine wash and leave to dry naturally.

Treating cashmere as outlined above really brings out it's wonderful handle. It is how the garments from the top cashmere sweater manufactures treat theirs.

I used a folded stocking stitch band.

The sleeve head I worked out a a couple of years ago. It is a 'cut off' raglan basically. After I spent ages working this out and test knitting, I discovered another bright spark had already done it! I used fully fashioned shaping, by moving the outer 3 stitches in by one stitch. I increase by moving the outer 3 stitches out by one stitch and filling the empty needle with the heel of adjacent stitch.
Above is the side seam and below is the sleeve seam. I use mattress sttich for sewing up all of my garments.

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