Sunday, February 08, 2009

Coming Over All Funny


I have knitted the back and front of another sweater on the SK 830. This time in a 4ply (fingering weight). It is a light shade of green with a pink stripe across the chest.

I don't know, recently I have the urge to machine knit. I have hardly done any for ages. Now I have all sorts of ideas.

I think I might put some up for sale on Etsy and Folksy and see what happens. That is after I have finished knitting sweaters for John and I. Whenever that is...


The puppies are 6 week sold tomorrow. Today they go to Tony's to have their microchips implants. You'd be amazed how this is done. The thing that gets stuck into them is huge, like a canula, and yet the puppies don't make a sound. I am having Whitney done too. Being an adult, she might well have something to say when it is done.

PS: I do wish the 'Followers' section read 'Readers'. It sounds much less grandiose. I know I am close to sainthood and all but really.....
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