Monday, October 27, 2008



I had a good swim yesterday but today it was very hard. Don't know why. Normally the first few lengths are hard and then my muscles and bones seem to give and it goes smoothly. Today it did not. I hurt with every stroke. I still did the mile but I am was very glad when it was done.


I am up to shaping the raglan armhole on my Aran and expect to finish this first piece soon. I have just completed another pair of socks for my friend Heather, she of the poorly feet. I shall picture them before I let them go.


I am having a rough time with sleeping. I was out of bed and screaming again Saturday night. Even my naps are filled with anguished dreaming though I have no clue about what. Normaly I have good dream recall but not recently.


Shameless is off on her honeymoon. I fear I have jumped the gun with her and taken her too soon but the stud owner is obliging and doesn't care how long she stays there for.

Micah took 4th place at the show on Thursday. He is goign to be taken out of the ring for a year now. He needs time for his coat to mature. Apso tend not be mature until around 4-5 yrs and he just doesn't look that part right now at age 3.

Whitney took 1st and best Puppy In Breed. This was her 6th first and 3rd BPIB.

Micah and Luque have had 3 scraps now! Bastards that they are. Mind you they understand I am top dog so stop when I yell and then spend a few minutes moaning to each other and then they each skulk off to their side of the room! Men!
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