Monday, October 20, 2008

The Floor..... not a good place to sleep! I was really sick last night, don't know why. I went to the bathroom and hung my head over the loo. The next thing I knew, I awoke laid out on the floor, in great pain but with the nausea gone. Thank goodness, I hate feeling sick. I managed to get myself up and into bed without waking John though I had to move Nechung to had taken the opportunity to move over to my side and my pillow!

John is off all week and we will be sorting out more of my stuff. My mags on Ebay have gone well, all sold. We will tackle my machine accessories this week. More mags will go on Ebay and eventually yarn and knitting tools etc

Shameless will be going on honeymoon this week, Friday probably. Micah and Luque will not be best pleased! So far they are being very good but then Shameless is not at the ripe stage yet and will be gone by the time she is, I hope.

I had a dog show yesterday but the least said about that the better. I have another on Thursday. Hopefully that will be better.
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