Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am Dyeing

With many thanks to Beverley of Two Fish Knitting, I now have the trousers I wanted! I have been looking all over for coloured trousers. When we have been away abroad, here and trawling the net. No luck. Then Beverley told me about Dylon dyes.Quite why such a simple idea had not occurred to me, one can but wonder. I went to my local Woolies and low and behold, they sell them. What is more, one just chucks the trousers and the dye in the washing machine and VOLIA! one new pair of coloured trousers. I have a pair being dyed Orange right now.

Not So Fun

I ordered a Blu Ray player for delivery tomorrow morning(paid for). I had a hunch and I called them 40 minutes ago to be told 'your payment didn't go thru'. Bollocks! It went thru fine and they know it. However, now they won't deliver until Monday. Funny how my payment suddenly went thru isn't it? Initially I told them to forget it but I am not daft. the cost was very much cheaper than anywhere else. If it hadn't been I'd definitely have told them to stuff it. I do so hate bad service and I hate even more being held over a barrel. Still, the saving is large-over £80($150).
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