Thursday, October 30, 2008


I had a terrible night last night with pain. That weird pain in by back right ribcage. Actually, it's round the front right as well. I hate it, I find it frightening because it feels like something is seriously wrong. It isn't. I have been having it on and off for too long. I'd be dead by now if it was bad.

I am fairly sure it is some sort of spasm. Why? Well, I drove from Calais to Charleois in fog. Slow and tense. The minute I layed down in my hotel bed, this pain hit me and I had to get up again. For some reason getting up stops it. Moving usually does.

I had only thought yesterday morning that I have not had this pain for some time!

Shameless is still on her honeymoon. Micah and Luque had 'words' again which took a while longer to stop. Since then they have been playful with each other. Micah did start to grumble at him and I just said is name in a warning tone and he looked at me and trotted off to his bed like a naughty child.

It is still very cold but lovely days. Very sunny. I have discovered just how good the new flat screen telly is. The sun shines right through the lounge window at this time of year and if one wants to watch telly during daylight hours, the curtains need to be shut. Not with this telly. The screen is unaffected by sunlight. It is set to 'eco' which means it adjusts itself according to the conditions. Amazing. I really like electronic gadgets.

The new bean to cup machine is working very well. Not one hiccup. I have been thru the cleaning process with it too. Also when one has to empty it, I knew str8 away it was a much better machine because it was not filthy inside with coffee grounds nor water. Fingers crossed! Lets hope I am saying the same in 12 months time.

I just finished watching Larkrise to Candleford, a BBC production of Flora Thompson's novel about her young life in the 1880's -90's. I did enjoy though it was rather idealised. It had a happy ending which I like even though I knew it was not likely!

I am trying to get thru to John that the graveyard is full of indispensable people. He is entitled to 6 weeks holiday a year and he doesn't take it because he says he can't which is daft. He wouldn't be allotted 6 weeks if they then made it impossible for him to take it. If we don't get week off together by early December, that will be it for many months because of the puppies. Apart from that, he needs the time off just to recharge.
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