Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Down In The Mouth

I manage very well with my problems and rarely do I let it get me down or do I even take any notice of it which sometimes leads to me overdoing it of course, or planning trips that are too much for me to do.

This last few days I have had a very sore mouth and finally went to the Dr. I have an infection. I now have a mouthwash and it will pass. Yet I feel so miserable I could cry! Just cos my mouth is sore. Yet my hips and legs can feel like they are on fire, or I can't get out of bed, and I ignore it! A simple mouth infection and I feel like I am dying.


I have never been comfortable with the word disabled to describe me. I think handicapped is a much more appropriate word. My Danish friend uses it ans does my American friend in Germany. You never hear the word here in Britain.

I think handicapped is much more appropriate because I am not disabled. I can do stuff able bodied people can, mostly. I am just much slower or it is painful, but I am not incapable. I also can't do it for long. I need to rest a lot. I see handicapped as being like a golf handicap. I can do what I want and what you can do, just I have the handicap of having to deal with pain and or lack of coordination and ease of mobility.


I may only have the seven mags on Ebay but just doing that has made me feel better and like I am doing something. I am sorting out the needles and must take pictures of the other mags too and post them on Ebay.


Luque has settled in well. Micah is still here too. They are getting on okay. There has been a delay with Micah going tot he Hearing Dogs charity and it is bothering me greatly. I keep thinking I ought to change my mind but I don't feel that would be right for him or for me.


The new washing machine is installed. I have used it to wash and hot tumble dry my cashmere and the results are the same as with the other machine. A nicely fluffed up fibre with no shrinkage beyond the first amount taken into account. It has not felted.
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