Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fear Patriotism


It has been very cold this last couple of days. Today it is -3c (27f). The dogs water bowl in the garden was frozen when I let them out. I am having a day off today-no swimming. I slept in. Mainly cos I went out to a meeting last night and therefore got to bed late.


No nightmares but weird dreams. In one, I was discussing the nature of God and life after death with Celine Dion! Two men were also there , as she was also in concert(!). Someone said the two men were gay and I responded 'don't be silly, they are brothers'. Then I said 'oh, yes, I have two gay brothers.' No Celine did nto divulge any deep spiritual secrets.

I also dreamt that the coffee machine need refilling with beans. John and I were doing this, he passing me the packets of 'value' beans from Tesco. As we looked at each one, they were the wrong kind of beans. They were edible beans not coffee beans.

I told you I dream weird.


I think patriotism is just as dangerous as fundamentalism or the attitude instilled my totalitarian states. I consider myself fortunate in that I grew up in several different countries and as a result do not feel patriotic or nationalist toward anywhere.

I find the pressure put on people's right to free speech and free thinking in the USA by the very very strong indoctrination they receive to be Patriotic, dangerous. Anyone who dares to disagree is immediately classed as 'unpatriotic' which seems to the Americans to be the worst possible thing. This is no different to the kind of pressure people live under in so called authoritarian states. And of course it is all mixed with Fundamentalist religion. Dissent is only for the very strong who can cope with the stigma of being labelled unpatriotic.

That Palin woman! Oh my. I do hope, without cause for I know that so many will believe her, that her accusation of 'Muslim' toward Obama is seen for the ridiculous nonsense it is. She has shown nothing but contempt for the people by this. (I might add here that so what anyway if he is. Isn't America so supposed to be a country where religion and state are separate? Yeah right.)
There are people who clearly think that this man, encouraged by the Fundies, Palin and McCain is some sort of envoy for Bin Ladin! Some even say he is Bin Ladin after plastic surgery!!!!!!

It seems to me that much of the USA people are in chains. The land of the free is not free at all. The demons of Patriotism and Fundamentalism keep the populace in chains.

(And yes of course I know not ALL Americans are so constrained. Some of my closest friends are American. ;-) )

Patriotism and Nationalism are ideas based upon 'separateness' and 'superiority', both being deleterious to the human race. Remember the Fascists? The Nazi's?

I see human beings as one and have never liked the separateness preached by patriotism and nationalism. I don't even like the idea of countries. I am a human being and this planet is my home. How dare anyone prevent me going where I damn well please? Or stop you from doing the same?

COMING UP NEXT (when I feel like it)

Why I believe that belief in Heaven and Hell is evil.
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