Friday, October 03, 2008


Me and the 3 of my dogs in Hartlepool when we went to collect Luque last saturday. You can see the North Sea , on the east coast of UK, behind me.
Hartlepool is where a chimp was hanged because it was thught to be an enemy soldier. This was some time ago!

All plumbers/heating engineers ought to be shot! I am f***ing freezing and hurting like hell as a result. No heating. The guy came Wednesday and said he'd back Thursday with required part(new timer). No show. When I called it was obvious he has forgotten but he said they didn't have the part. He is coming this evening. If he had told me all I needed was a damn timer I could have got it myself and fitted it. What make sit worse, is that this guy is a friend of friends and knows about my condition so it isn't as if he doesn't know I need heat. Thank goodness for the silk draws. Am wearing both sets, with the cotton thermals on top and then my pj bottms and a hight shirt and gloves and I am still cold.
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