Monday, October 13, 2008

Sod's Law

I did a good swim yesterday and today. After we went to the shops, I felt like the plug had been pulled. I went to bed but have awoken feeling just as drained. Perhaps it is just the beginning of a flare, the result of my flu jab, or I am coming down with something. I'll soon find out!

My Tabitha is going to live with a friend of mine as a pampered pet. I am bitterly disappointed. She has a slipping knee cap (otherwise known as a medial patella luxation). It is mild and will not harm her but it is not something one wants to have in one's breeding stock. I am very much against breeding from dogs with know hereditary defects. It would of course have to happen to the best I have yet bred. I don't know why it appeared. I know my dogs are all clear and so are the 4 generations on both sides of my dogs. Trouble is one cannot know about all of the dogs behind those one doesn't own, one is always working at least partly in the dark.

Oh, and our weather has been in the low 70s(22c) for the last week....
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