Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Magimix Robot Cafe

Our second bean to cup machine. Bought from Amazon. Over £300.

Much to our relief it worked fine - for a few days. Then it started to go wrong. We sent it back to get fixed and it came back fixed.

It worked! For a short while. Then it got temperamental again and like the Gaggia, refused to make coffee unless it was in the mood to do so.

It was badly designed and very difficult to clean.

Then it stopped working all together.All flashing lights. I read a review on Amazon from a customer with the same problems and Magimaix charged him £80 each time it was fixed.

We dumped it in the tip.

We now have a new machine. A DeLonghi. Recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute. So far so good-not a single blip and excellent coffee. Lets see what the future holds. If this machine is also crap, that will be it. We will stick to the stove percolator.
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