Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Drunk again

Yesterday was an odd day. My balance was crap. Don't know why. I fell getting out of the pool and I had almost fallen whilst getting in. Fortunately, as always, one of the guards, this time John, was waiting to hand me my stick and his reflexes were fast. Only my stick ended up in the water. Later, I stumbled about 3 times more, once at home and twice out. My speech has been odd too. Yet I am having a better period pain wise. I only took pills yesterday so I could sit still to watch a film.

John and I had gone str8 to the huge Tesco at Serpentine Green when I picked him from the station in Peterborough. He said he wasn't tired but I thought he looked it. My wheelchair was wobbly and we noticed that one of the wheels looked like it was coming off. So we used one supplied by Tesco until we got home. Even though Tesco couldn't get their act together though - they had run out of all sorts of foodstuffs. Typical. John slept in the car on the way home, at home in the armchair and all night too. No he wasn't tired.

Last night was watched Le Vie En Rose, a French film about Edith Piaf. It was a very well made film and I found it moving to say the least. I felt rather melancholy by it's end. the performance given by Marion Cotillard in the lead role was astounding. No wonder she won the Oscar for it in 07. The first ever given to a performance entirely in French. If you do not object to subtitles, this is a film well worth watching.

Further to my post about the knitting disaster, I can't use those sleeves for anything because whilst the sides of the sleeve head were decreased as if I were doing a raglan, the top was not!

I finished off a second sock still left over from when I was knitting one sock at a time. Now I knit both at the same time to save this happening.

We took a car load of stuff to the tip yesterday and still my rooms upstairs look hardly touched. I have still to throw out so much.

I am going to be selling my coned yarn, not all of it, but a lot of it. So if you want anything, tell me and I will see if I have it. ALL my yarn is unbranded top quality natural yarn. Many different fibres, many different weights from 2/60 to 2/6.

I also will be selling off machines, punch card Brothers mainly, maybe a Silver fine gauge punchcard and Passap parts and possibly an MB75 motor.

Oh and my Dr reckons I have hay fever. Never had it before. However, my nose is running all the time and when I return from the pool, I can barely keep my eyes open, they sting and stream. I wear goggles swimming so not that. Sunlight thru the car window makes my eyes really run and sore. Weird. My eyes recover more or less half an hour after getting home, and my nose might take all day to stop being runny. Annoying more than anything else.


Anonymous said...

A possible use for the raglan sleeves already knit. You would have to rip them out then reknit the resulting two balls of yarn into a narrow scarf to wrap around your neck in the winter time. When temperatures drop below zero.

This may help reduce cold induced pain next winter.

Anonymous said...

I also suffer hayfever Colin,never had it until a couple of years ago,now i have it all year round,it can be annoying when you are knitting and cant stop sneezing even with taking the pills.

Alison said...

Am I to assume that you are giving up machine knitting Colin? Sad to hear that.

Alison said...

Am I to assume that you are giving up machine knitting Colin? Sad to hear that.