Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Bed With Me And A Dog

The new memory foam mattress still feels strange when I first go to bed. I sit on it before lying, and it is that part that feels odd as it is not as high as the previous mattress and without all the extra layers on top-double duvet folded on to top of a memory foam topper-I'd sink in as this mattress is very firm.

It was the best thing to buy for me. Most definitely. I sleep well on it and am in much less pain when I wake up.

I have also confirmed to my satisfaction that the pain I get in my ribs at the back is not acid at all but to do with the spine problem and muscle problem. I know this now for sure. It started up whilst I was on my left side, and it was in my left side. I moved and it stopped immediately. Later, I was on my right and sure enough so was the pain. It too stopped the second I moved. The great thing about this new mattress is that I can lay on my back which I have not been able to do for years.

Nechung seems to like the new mattress too. Either she has stopped snoring or is doing it more quietly because she has not woken me up with it.

The swim this morning took more effort than usual and I felt it more, despite taking Tramadol first thing. The pool was almost empty when I arrived-only two in there. Most unusual. I really do enjoy the swim as it sets me up for the day. Even if I am too pained to do anything else, I have at least done my swim. I have swum 4 days in a row and hopefully will swim the next two days also. I will not be swimming Saturday or Sunday as I will be going to a dog show in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although I will get back here Sunday night, I will need to rest on Monday.

Tomorrow night I have another demonstration to do. Not far away, 18miles. I enjoy working this particular hall. The atmosphere is excellent and the evening usually goes well.

I am pleased with my new socks so far, a twisted, travelling stitch pattern in the burnt orange yarn I bought in Ghent, Belgium.

Shameless is over the worst of her morning sickness and is eating well again. She is 5 weeks gone today and technically has 4 weeks to go but my girls usually come 3-5 days early.

Today is going to be a lazy day. Nechung must get bathed but other than that, nothing I must do. I shall do as I feel.


Iris said...

Soon there will be new puppy pics and the whole of Colinworld will be happy.

I'm happy your new mattress is working so well for you. Maybe I should try one.

fairy godmother said...

Give Shameless lots of hugs from me. And good luck with your show in Scotland! :-)