Friday, May 16, 2008

Ouch! Pardon? Snip! Suck and Saved


I have discovered something which I suppose should have been obvious. Yesterday I felt capable of walking the dogs. I have to do it in two rounds as I can't handle all of them together. Between rounds i took pain killers as I was limping badly after the first round. The pills did their job. I had no impinging pain the rest of the day. I remembered to take another dose before I went to give my talk and demonstration. I knew to do this as last time I had to sit down after only a few minutes into my work. It worked well and though I was tired when done, again no impinging pain.

That is until this morning! I awoke and was in pain. I couldn't get out of bed immediately. I laid there annoyed and thinking to myself that I would not be going swimming. I didn't go. I got up an hour later than usual, after I had figured out how to launch myself out of bed. Lui had already announced by his barking that it was time I was up! This encouraged the others to join in the call for me get up. I politely yelled at them to shut the **** up. Nechung chose this morning to be all lovey dovey with me and made it harder for to get up.

The long and short of it is I stupidly thought that as I was taking meds I could do as I wished and my body would not react. I really didn't expect to have the pain associated with what I did once the meds wore of. So today I will do nothing except the essentials. I need to be fit for Scotland this weekend.


I received an email from a person who truly believes that the Church ( I assume the RC) is and has been a staunch supporter of the rights of women and children and slaves and that they have been at the forefront of bringing education to the masses and also at the forefront of the discoveries made in science. The Church has also always stood up for Jews.

I wonder where this person went to school and by whom she was taught.

I have no trust at all in people whose faith involves damnation for disbelief. Having such a belief can only bring heartache and evil. World Trade Centre? Killing in the name of their God. Committing evil acts because to do otherwise would bring personal damnation. Rejecting ones own children for ones God. The list is endless of what these people will do in order to preserve their meaning structure.

It is wise to bear in mind though that if one is taught such a belief from the cradle onwards, it is very very difficult to free oneself from that mindset. It is imperative that one does though. It is imperative, for the sake of peace on this planet, that one does so.


It is widely held, at least here in the west, that the circumcision of women is an evil thing to do.

Yet very few stop to think that is just as wrong to circumcise a man. Or rather a male child for it is usually only done to those who have no choice. It is a mutilation, an abusive act perpetrated on children. It reduces sexual pleasure in that it desensitises the head of the penis. I think it is one reason why it done though it would be denied of course.

Now if an adult man wishes to have the snip, that is up to him. Obviously in the rare of case of being medically necessary, then sad but so be it.

I am uncut but Iknow of a person who is and sees the act as having been a crime committed against him. I agree with that.

You know, in New York, a court case ensued form a religious ceremony where a baby boy's penis was taken into the mouth of the attending official and his foreskin was bitten off. This was an old religious ritual of this particular sect of well known religion. The case ended with a not guilty. Anyone else would have been found guilty of child abuse but due to 'religious sensitivity' this abuser was let off, given the seal of approval by the court to continue abusing in this way.

I saw a TV program which showed a circumcision ceremony. Relatives were gathered whilst this toddler boy was brought in, had his penis pulled out of his shorts and had the end cut off. The relatives smiled and clapped. I was appalled.I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. i couldn't believe that these people were participating in an evil act and they could not see it. Such is the strength of the abuse of young minds. Give me a child till he is seven and I will show you the the man. So true. had these people not been indoctrinated from the cradle, they would not have been able to suppress/repress their horror nor would they have been able to stand by and watch and smile and clap as a child was objectified and abused.


Our new Dyson just arrived. Nothing sucks like a Dyson does. The old one gave in after 9 years. John seems to think that such items ought to last forever. They don't. Our Indesit washer dryer is also 9 years old and never been trouble but I fear it too will quit in the not too distant future. I have already been forewarned though that they don't make them like they used to and was recommended a different brand like Miele or Bosch.


I thought the other day about how upset I would be if my blog crashed and it disappeared into the ether. I just spent a couple of hours saving it all. Unfortunately the comments are not saved. Unless I went through the blog page by page and as there are over a 1000 of them......


Iris said...

Colin, you think a lot when you're in pain! -laughing-

Did you see my blog post with the World Trade Center photo in it? Lizzie (who I truly do like) sent a comment to which I felt I needed to reply. You might like the edits. While I didn't even get around to the gay issues or procreation or general intolerance, I did post a bit more on WHY I think I'd like to imagine a world without religion. Jim's a bit fearful because here in the mountains, people tend to be religious and a bit, well, intolerant. Well, I'm NOT going to hide under a rock.

LizzieK8 said...

I think it's important to not throw everyone in the same basket.

There were many Germans that helped Jews escape, so not all Germans should be thrown in the Nazi basket.

And you know, I'm not so sure they've ever proved that religious fanaticism was the basis of 9/11. I know it's what we were told....

Religion, like every other social belief system has heaped great ills upon the world. But there are also individuals belonging to those belief systems that are good and have done great good in the world. Unfortunately, most of them are unknown because they just live their day to day lives doing the best they can with what they have.

Are you really willing to throw them away in the name of all religion? I'm not, but respect your choice to do it.

Knitman said...

Hi Lizzie-I am not sure how your comment relates to this post.

Yarnhog said...

I have always believed that if a person's religion makes him or her a better person, then it is a good religion for that person. But I also believe that more evil has been committed in the name of religion than in the name of all the cruel dictators who have ever lived. Shall we discuss 800 years of inquisitions, torture, and murder? The Crusades? Holy wars and religious conflicts around the globe? Terrorism and the so-called "war on terror"? Religious fanaticism is clearly the single greatest threat humanity has ever faced. So although I believe in coexistence and tolerance (my father was raised Muslim, my mother Catholic, and my husband Jewish), I cannot suppress a shudder when I hear someone say, "Well, I'm a Christian," as though that somehow identifies him or her as one of the good guys.

BarbM said...

Even a Dyson has a lifespan. Nothing lasts forever.Pain killers just circumvent the feeling of the pain.Behave yourself,so you can walk those dogs.