Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Bigger Splash

I have been and done my swim. 80 laps this morning. I didn't want to get up either but the dogs don't let me lie in. I have increased my laps because 64(a mile) had become much easier to do and faster, without me trying to increase speed. In fact, speed is not what i want but endurance-better for my heart, my joints. My left arm went to sleep more or less as soon as I started this morning and it is still not right now. It'll wake up at some point, it always does. It feels strange though until then.

I also went to Tesco on the way back from the pool. They are refitting it and there is very little disabled parking out the front now and many of those spaces are taken by non disabled badge holders. Not only did I find a space out front but the store was actually stocked!

I bathed Nechung yesterday, much to her disgust. Shameless is being groomed daily and has 20 days to go now, though probably only about 17 as mine tend to come early.

I am dying to show off my new twisted stitch socks but will not until they are completed. Almost there. I am also on the final sleeve of the sweater I buggered up by doing raglan sleeves for a set in body!

I am eyeing some cashmere/viscose I have in a deep purple/blue. I think I shall turn it into a plain raglan sleeved sweater with a roll collar.

I am still hoping someone out there is going to offer suggestions as to what to do with my 16 machines and tonnes of coned yarn. Anyone interested? Is ebay the way to go? Whatya thunk?


Anonymous said...

Your machines. SIXTEEN!!!???!!! Well, I wish I lived in the UK.

I've been looking at KM's on eBay lately. There are precious few. I don't know if that's because they're not selling, or if people aren't listing them. I hate to sell things on eBay.

Seriously, though, I do wish I lived nearby. Can't change the geography, though.

I hope your pups are as gorgeous as usual.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin
Just to add a p.s. to my comments yesterday...I've just noticed that you've had 103 visitors to your blog today....not all of them "knitters" surely?
I rest my case!

Trillian said...

I'm not a fan of ebay. between the listing fees and final price fees and paypal fees, they really stick it to ya.

Ravelry has a classified ad area you could post on, there's a spot for equipment and one for yarns. might be worth a look

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,
I'm always after coned MK yarn why don't you ad it all on here or on another blog for us to go in and see????

I daren't take on another machine, or my lot will leave home...LOL I've just been given a duo 80 complete with motor etc...gonna be stripping that down this weekend and deep cleaning it..

let me know what you got how much GBP youwant etc for yarn ad on

higz Cher