Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I got back from the SKC show in Scotland at 1am Monday. I had been up 24 hrs by that point. I will not do that again. I'll stay the night and before and the night after with my friend or in a hotel. I shall also have to think seriously about attending the Scottish shows. Yesterday, I was fit for nothing, not even knitting. However, I did much sleeping and resting and this morning have done 74 laps of the pool.

Micah was 2nd (again!) in his class and Whitney was 3rd in hers. This was her first show and she qualified for Cruft's 09 with this placement. She is the 10th dog I have qualified for Cruft's. 8 Lhasa Apso that I have bred myself, 2 I didn't breed and two Mini Longhaired Dax that I bred.

Whitney was such a good girl, she showed her heart out. Like another I use dot have, at training school and home she didn't really do it and I was concerned that she wouldn't at the show. However, she knew when to 'switch it on' and did so. Funny how they know this. The other one I had, like Whitney, flatly refused to 'show' unless she was at a show. How they know I do not know.

Micah always shows well because he struts at the shows. whenever he is around other dogs, he thinks he is going to get lucky!

I had heard many complaints about the judge over the last few years. My feeling was it was sour grapes and I trusted that this man knew his stuff. He did. however, the complaints are well founded! His manner and apparent attitude left an awful lot to be desired. Still, it is principle before personality with me and so how he is is not important but his knowledge of the breed and his fairness is what counts. Those that want to bitch needn't enter. they do of course and continue to bitch!