Saturday, May 17, 2008


I am off to Scotland today. Or rather I am off to Hartlepool as I will sleep with my friend Linda tonight and we will go together to Edinburgh in the early hours.

As it was last year, it is going to be cold so I will wear my tights and sweater. I will still dress as I normally do in the ring-hat, jacket, shirt, tie etc but will still need to keep warm when not in the ring. I already started to dose up. I hope I don't fall in the ring as I did at WELKS. no harm done to any dogs or to me but it does reinforce the need to make sure I rest enough before going in the ring and that I take my time and do not try and do things as if I am not disabled! Silly really as the stick sort of gives it away and my gait....

I am taking Micah who is already bathed up and ready. I am also taking Whitney. She is exactly 6mths old and this is her first show.
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