Sunday, May 11, 2008

Experienced Knitter ?

I have some lovely green merino/angora yarn. I have used it two fold to make myself a set in sleeve sweater using my own design and the garter carriage.

I washed and tumble dried each piece as I knitted them.

Tonight, I eagerly set about sewing it up. As I sewed in the first sleeve top, or rather when I had reached the shoulder, I noticed that I had knit a raglan sleeve head for my set in sleeve body.......

It's bad enough I made such a mistake after all these years, worse that I didn't notice after the first sleeve, nor the second, but only when I ran out of body to sew said sleeve head to!

No,I don't drink. Maybe it's the new medication? Maybe I am just getting old? Maybe I have lost half my IQ somewhere along the line?

Thankfully, I have just enough left to knit two othjer sleeves. I can't rip back to the two i have already done because I already washed and pre shrunk the pieces.

Note to self: make sure you knit body and sleeves of same ******* sweater next time!


Anonymous said...

This happens to all of us at one time or another. They only fix that I know of is to keep notes as to what you are knitting.

Example. A index card with the basic details of the sweater. Garter Stitch, Set in sleeves, Crew necked Stitches per inch or per centimeter, number of strands you're using etc.

Then keep the card with the yarn in use or some how attach it to your knitting machine Shile the sweater is in progress. I prefer to hand knit having no space nor money for a knitting machine so where this would go I have no idea.

fairy godmother said...

I once forgot how to cast on. Sat down to start a new pair of socks after knitting I don't know how many pair, and forgot how to cast on!

GailR said...

I think everyone has done something similar. My belief is that the brain is working so intently on a project part that the whole goes *poof* and these little slip-ups happen. I'm glad you have enough yarn to do new sleeves.

nana said...

Oh what a pain that must be, having the sleeves now and no body parts for the pullover/sweater.
Good thing you can reknit the sleeves to the right shape and finish the sweater.
For the salvage of the mismatching sleeves,
I would still do a different coloured body for the pre shrunk sleeves and create a second sweater that way, tis time with raglan shape to match the sleeves :-)

It is somewhat in style for younger people to wear raglan garments where the sleeves are a different colour to the body, maybe that way you can still use them?
And sell on ebay or etsy? if you dont like this fashiony style.

I would though, the green sounds lovely and could be combined with another earthy tone, or a different shade of green if you have it in stash, or even camel colour I could imagine would go well with it.

Alison said...

Could you not have cut off the excess sleeve head as in cut and sew??

Iris said...

Oops! I suspect your mind may have been on something else. Could it have been so?

Like Fair Godmother, sometimes I just plain forget for a brief time how to do something. As she forgot how to cast on, I forgot how to purl front and back right in the middle of a row. I couldn't do it, for the life of me!

You knit so much, it's probably to the point you do it without even thinking. I'm sure your IQ points are intact.

Yarnhog said...

I'm not old or stupid and don't drink, but I just knitted two backs to the sweater I'm currently working on. By hand, too.

Anonymous said...

It's surely not your medications nor your IQ by any means. I'd much sooner believe it's because you've got so much happening in your life now that you were a bit distracted. It's always relaxing to me when I've got a rhythm going on my machines to let my mind wander to other things going on in my life. I've made similar mistakes that I didn't find until to late to save the project on. You could cut in sew some slippers from the ragland sections. Frustrating? Sure it is yet it's a very normal thing to do too. Weezie Begin

marilyn said...

I can't knit, and my dear old granny used to tell me that I sewed buttons on with "hot thread" so don't really have any idea what you're talking about but it sounds pretty serious. May I suggest "ano domini" ! It comes to us all eventually-with me at about 25! I like to call them "senior moments" !

FugueStateKnits said...

aarrgghh! How utterly frustrating that must have been! I do things like that, but I put it down to my drinking, LOL!
How about knitting up a raglan vest in a complimentary color and then attaching those sleeves? It could be kind of edgy - or what's the word? - fierce?
Just kidding:)