Sunday, May 11, 2008

Experienced Knitter ?

I have some lovely green merino/angora yarn. I have used it two fold to make myself a set in sleeve sweater using my own design and the garter carriage.

I washed and tumble dried each piece as I knitted them.

Tonight, I eagerly set about sewing it up. As I sewed in the first sleeve top, or rather when I had reached the shoulder, I noticed that I had knit a raglan sleeve head for my set in sleeve body.......

It's bad enough I made such a mistake after all these years, worse that I didn't notice after the first sleeve, nor the second, but only when I ran out of body to sew said sleeve head to!

No,I don't drink. Maybe it's the new medication? Maybe I am just getting old? Maybe I have lost half my IQ somewhere along the line?

Thankfully, I have just enough left to knit two othjer sleeves. I can't rip back to the two i have already done because I already washed and pre shrunk the pieces.

Note to self: make sure you knit body and sleeves of same ******* sweater next time!

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