Sunday, May 04, 2008

Socks n Stuff

This pair of socks is knitted with OnLine Beach colour number 942. The composition is 45% Cotton, 40% Wool and 15% Nylon. 380m per 100gm Knitted on 2.25mm needles, one circular pair, at the same time, each on it's own needle. I used 3x3 rib. I knit 208 rounds in total(not including heel turn), over 66 sts. I knit from the toe up, used my Andersson Heel Mach 2. Same recipe as my Tundra socks tho a different gauge - 34sts and 48 rws to 10cm (8.5sts and 12rws to inch).


Yesterday we went to Springfields (shopping mall-outside) to exchange a pan and buy two new Titanium pans. What we did not know was that there was the annual Flower Festival on in Spalding and the parade was starting at Springfields. I pulled up by the road closed sign to ask the policewoman what I could do. Before I had a chance, she started mouthing off at me and told me to move NOW! I was rather pleased to find I did not scurry away but held my ground and just kept repeating 'will you listen to me please' until she did.

A policeman came along and they decided to let me thru. We were stopped at the next roundabout by two more policepeople who were even ruder and we were forced to do a U Turn.

Well, now I was really annoyed. First off, have these policepeople forgotten that they are there to serve us and that we are not there to serve them?
I didn't give in. I went around what I guessed to be correctly, the back way.

I came across another policeman who indicated me to pull over and I did. I opened my window and, held my hand up and asked him to listen to me before he started shouting. This policeman was very pleasant. Even though I had been forceful to him before he had a chance, he did listen and saw my predicament. He said he couldn't help me though. I asked him how far I was from Springfields and he replied I was 5-10minutes away on foot. I explained I would be using a wheelchair. During our chat, I noticed a parking spot beyond the barrier. I asked him nicely if he would allow me to park there. He asked me if I had a Blue Badge (disabled drivers parking permit) and I pointed to it on my dashboard. He said I could park there but not to tell anyone he had told me so.

So we parked and wheeled thru the crowds which was a mixture of very pleasant people who were helpful, some overly so, and those who were downright ignorant or complete wan**rs.

John had wanted to turn around and go home at the first policeperson. He is very British that way, don't make a fuss. Not me. I will not be doormat. It is this 'don't make a fuss' attitude that service here is so awful and why disabled people get treated so badly. I made a fuss, firmly, no swearing, no threats. I got what I wanted which was to be treated with respect.


One negative consequence of the weight loss is that most of my clothes do not fit me. None of my light weight jackets, a lot of my Bavarian shirts and a couple of the jackets. I am really disappointed. Not by the weight loss obviously! I really though they would still fit me because My shoulders would stay the same. No they did not. Even my sweaters are too long in the sleeve now.


I wear braces all the time now. The trousers I wear are a size larger than I need but they feel more comfortable when held up by braces. I have been doing this since the IBS got bad. I don't like anything tight around my waist or hips. The braces are really so comfy and I am not forever having to rearrange my bits every time I sit down or get up.
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