Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dogs n Stuff

Micah has Brylcreem in his head hair to protect it and stop the plaits matting.


A Dog is for life, not just Friday nights.

I saw it on a t-shirt and it made me laugh out loud and caused other people to stare at me. Another older one I saw which I thought was clever and funny was 'if you think I'm a bitch you should meet my mother'.


Well, I managed only 70 laps today. The water was cold. Deliberately because they are holding a gala tomorrow and the water needs to be cold for competitive swimming. It didn't make me faster at all, the opposite in fact. It hurt. My muscles and bones do not do cold very well. No swimming tomorrow or Monday as Monday is a public holiday.


Yesterday, Paul and Fiona came up from Havant to show me Micah's litter. Very nice they were two. A boy, Hugo and a girl, Lara will be run on. I just realised that we didn't photograph them! Still we did picture the others. My favourite was a tiny little toy poodle named Ellie. She was a real character. Not my type of dog at all but she won my heart in about a minute. I'd have had her. She weighed about 2lbs I would think. A real show off and a future champion I am sure.


I have bought 4 new jackets recently, all in a 42R (UK size i.e. inches). I have had to take most of my other jackets and clothes to the charity shops. I also have another waistcoat and two new bow ties. Now I have several different outfits to show my dogs wearing. I may have to start taking two pairs of trousers to shows, one light and one dark, as Micah is golden and Whitney is black.


I am sure you know that we see the world how we are and not how it is. We see the world through the filter of our brains. We do not see it as it is but how our brains interpret it to be. There is much we do not see as our brains are not equipped to so.

The same can be said about each other. We don't see others how they are but how we are. We react to others according to how we are, not how they are. One person may feel compassion for another, whilst that same other person may elicit anger in someone else. You and I may feel very differently about the same person. We may not understand this is so, so we are caused more discomfort when we discover that people we might consider bad or worthless are not considered by others. Adolph Hitler was loved, (and was lovable), by those close to him. This makes many of us really uncomfortable. It makes him human, which of course he was, though that thought makes us even more uncomfortable. Again, not because of who he was and what he did but because of who we are and the meanings we have created.

Don't misunderstand, no one is saying that this man did not do evil things, but that we see him and his acts according to how we are. There are those who, because how they are, see him as a hero. We who see him differently do so because we are different and have created different meanings.

These thoughts spring from the understanding that children are abused(or adults for that matter) not because of the way the abusee is but because of the way the abuser is. A child is not battered because s/he is naughty but because the adult is deficient. A woman is not raped because she wore provocative clothes but because the man was deficient. A child is not molested because they were pretty, or because they had already been victimised, or because they craved love and attention, or because they asked for it. They are molested because the person doing it is deficient.


I went to Simpson's for my dog supplies on Thursday. I was chatting to Jackie and during our conversation, I told he of my blog. Her response was to say 'well, that's your legacy isn't it?'. I was astounded by her comment in light of my post the other day! I hadn't said anything at all to her about my blog or about my feeling of not having contributed anything or being remembered.
It is stuff like that makes leaves one awestruck. Why would she say such a thing, out of the blue like that? I bet she isn't even aware that she said it.

I was thinking about what I wrote the other day and realised that
1. I was tired and in pain.
2. not feeling brilliant in my mood and
3. buying into old programming that taught me that a man is nothing without a job and nothing if he doesn't pass on his genes. Bollocks of course. (Old family voices are not always easy to quiet and whilst one would love to be rid of them for good, it is not likely to happen.)


I have thought for many years that God, if She exists, has a sense of humour and sense of when to quit. My parents had three gay sons. No daughters. I think that God suits God's sense of humour, or at least mine at any rate, and makes damn sure it really does end with this generation. We will not be passing on our crap to any other children. So it is both funny and sensible to me.


I have got very close to finishing off those socks I keep going on about! At least I know have aname for them. Tirol.


Yarnhog said...

LOVE the dog pictures--especially the one of Nechung! It reminds me of my eight-year-old son, actually. All hair, no eyes.

HunterXan said...

Your pups--and the others--are beautiful.

Many years ago, a Native American spiritual leader told me that his people believed exactly as you describe--that we each bring our own unique perspective to anything we encounter. He said it's rather like looking at a campfire. Many people can gather 'round a campfire, on all sides of it. Everyone is looking at the same campfire, but no two people are seeing it exactly the same. If you asked each to describe it, every one of them would tell you something just a bit different, yet each would be correct in their description. That every experience we have is colored not only by our perspective, but also by all our experiences to that point in time.

And there is also Robert Heinleins quote from THE NOTEBOOKS OF LAZARUS LONG. I don't recall the quote exactly, but it was something along the lines of "Even the most evil of men do not see themselves as such, for if they did, they could not live with themselves."

Iris said...

Bring on the socks, my friend!

Iris said...

I thought the dogs were in a separate post.

I'm happy you liked Ellie. Isn't she pretty! Like I said, you were right bout toy poodles running one ragged, but the personality is incredible. Kelly went slightly oversize (I thought she might). I don't really care. In fact, it makes her a bit easier to handle and to clip.

She sure knows how to handle other dogs, though. She's not around them all that much. Today on our walk, she encountered the neighborhood bully. He's a fairly big shih tzu. I was afraid he'd gobble her up, but she knew just how subservient to be without giving up herself entirely. He tried to go walking with us, but I took him up to his mistress who was still in her night clothes.

Kelly's retained her bottom canines and has to have them out on Tuesday. I think she'll be spayed in about 3 weeks. She's getting some basic obedience and does the basic stationary commands and is (sort of) learning to heel. I don't care that she be perfect in that, just not pull.

LizzieK8 said...

You sound good today! Bright and cheery!