Friday, May 02, 2008


First of all, I had a good nights sleep on the new memory foam mattress. It felt rather odd at first but how I felt this morning suggests this was a good idea and a good buy.

My swim went very well today apart from one silly sod who thought it was best if he swam width wise whilst the rest us swam length wise....

I have been wanting to know for quite sometime if my father was still alive or not. The only way I know to do that is by emailing my brother which I really did not want to do. However, last evening, I went to his website and emailed him and asked. I got a response telling me he was still alive.

I found out my mother had passed by stumbling upon a website for my brother. Much to my astonishment, he is some sort of new age guru involved in 'healing families' for a high fee. He has written and published books on this subject too.

You are probably thinking somewhat similar thoughts to those I have on this subject. I have kept his mail to me in 94 and in 05. The person evident in those mails does not match up at all with his 'job'.


GailR said...

Sometimes you have to accept that it is impossible to heal family rifts. As much as you want the opportunity to maintain a good relationship with some family members, it cannot nor will not happen. In those cases it is just best to walk away. The personal cost is too high to keep trying.

You are the only one who can decide if an when that time has arrived.

Iris said...

This is ridiculous! How can he heal other families when he is part of such a maladjusted one - and doesn't seem to see it.