Friday, March 13, 2009



I am excited about our trip more so now that I have the turbo chair. I shall have to name it. Our SatNav is named Gertrude. This buy has really increased our freedom and the places we can visit. I don't know why I didn't buy it ages ago. I must say that I had difficulty buying it. It was a lot of money and is really committing to being handicapped I suppose. Yes, it will be a chore to have to dismantle it for putting in the car and putting back in but that is a small price to pay for the freedom it will give.


James, Carly and Little Dorrit did really on their first trip to show classes. They were a little taken aback at meeting other dogs, especially as they looked so different, but stood their ground, no shying away. When it was time for standing on the table for the judge and then walking g up and down, they did really well. I only gave them one go each and back home again. I have found the best way for lead training and show training is a very short time daily and praising them as much as possible. I am still delighted with these puppies. Their temperaments are excellent and their construction is too. Happy little souls. James is very typical Apso in that he looks with disdain at me. He hasn't got to the point of wagging his tail at me or seeming to be pleased to see me. He still firmly believes that i am beneath him. Carly and Little Dorrit both was my face well, given the chance and are always pleased ot see me. Carly is a little more reserved than Little Dorrit who is right in your face all the time.


Although I am very much looking forward to our time away, I know I shall get homesick, or dog sick really. I know from past experience that on the 4th day I shall want desperately to come home. I also know that if I let the feeling just sit here and don't act upon it, it will pass. This is the first 2 week trip we have done for 6 years and only the third ever.


I have restarted the bamboo/nylon WENDY HAPPY socks three times now. I have come to the conclusion that they want to be plain stocking stitch. They are striped, broad striping, in blue and red.


I just woke up for the second time today. I did sleep last night, well in fact, and I got up at 8.30am. I pottered about, bathed Micah, ate, and was back in bed by 1.30pm. I was in much pain when I awoke the first time so pill popped and ow I am okay. Just very tired. I am waiting for my doc to call to see if she has any ideas as to why my balance goes for no apparent reason. Last night, when I stumbled and would have fallen if not for being held up, I wasn't even moving, just stood there. It seems that suddenly my balance mechanism just goes and I start to topple.
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