Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today we went to the other side of the Danube, to see Buda and the castle, the presdential offces etc.

Wonderful views and I took loads of phots.

I held up the Presidential cavalcade. I had started to cross the road and I noted that a Police car had stopped whilst I slowly made my way across the wide cobbled road. I could hear a siren but was intent on not falling. I got across and turned to see the Police car was followed by the President and other black vehicles and then more police!

On the way back to the hotel, I noticed a road with heavy security and it was blocked off. I wondered why and then I noticed the American flag on the building in the blocked off road. Need I write anymore?

I have discovered just how much pain I can cope with and how long my pills last for. Unfortunately not 6 hours like they are supposed to. Taking the morphine is out of the question because then I wouldn't be able to be out at all but pain free. Not what I want to do on my holiday!

EDIT: I am enjoying this trip very much and despite what I wrote earlier about pain, it is not stopping me enjoying myself. My biggest problem is feeling like I am a burden to John and this gets me frustrated and so I snap easily which makes me feel worse as John is the target of my frustration! Mind you, I have been far less so today because I am conscious of it and want to stop it and it has improved a lot. Oh, and now I know for sure that cold makes me worse. I think that explains why this last few months have been so bad for me pain wise. It has been very cold from October onwards. So as I knew this seemed too long for a flare, it maybe is not a step further down the slippery slope. Perhaps I will improve gain when the weather gets warmer. Certainly today has been much better and it has been warmer.
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